giovedì 3 dicembre 2015

Scanning fun times

I am baffled if not outstanded (if that is even a word) for the amount of fun I had painting over the the scans I had since last summer. It so simple and yet so satisfying, Leonie kept telling me to render properly my sketches but I always thought it would be so time consuming and complicated.

It isn't

These are a bipolar bear and a berzerker, creatures I invented

This sand beduin is based off my dad

And this is a smoking owl

these are very old sketches, I am looking forward to scann more recent stuff and paint over it!
It got me so pumped up I even drew something completely irrelevant for the sake of painting


Course wise, I have been doing great! I have done lot more props for Alphabet Patch and I find quite challenging the fact that Leonie, my director, is very picky about what she wants, so I end up re doing the same thing lots time: I am sure this will come in handy when I will have to wrk professionally ahah

More leaves

Spoons (more)




Butterflies (super fun)


Let's not forget of the ten million apples I had to draw. The easier the task the more perfect it has to be, just like cooking an egg: it is easy but it takes practice to make it properly.

anyway, apples

Final apple design

Meanwhile the animation I am directing, Falling in Love, is doing great. I am so lucky to have such an amazing crew that I can barely believe how good we are doing!
Leonie is my producer and keeps track of every possible mistake we could face in the future, James and Leigh do superb animation, while Sophie colors it and Katie adds shadows.
I do clean ups and I am currently being helped by a second year, Annie. When I look at my clean ups I am often quite perplexed of the results, but when I see the product finished, Oh man it looks good.

Lately I finished the design of Maria and all the backgrounds for the second scene. We completed the test shot and it looks DOPE thanks to Rob use of vfx.

Some Backgrounds

Maria turn around (Sophie helped coloring)