venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

Funny 15: Hail pie

My funny in 15 animation done with Leigh Juggins and Samirah Bello. I worked mainly as a director, doing character design, main poses and background artist, it was fun what was supposed to be funny became obnoxious to me. Despite being a very small group we manage to finish very early and worked great. now it is time to rest a little, i need to draw different things.
Enjoy and LAUGH

lunedì 20 ottobre 2014


Ayyyy here is my showreel i presented the third years on my second year here in falmouth university. i wish i added more drawings, but i lost half of them with my hard-drive and i wanted to sync the actual video with the music. I like the general groovy effect, so whatever, i am satisfied with it :)

More revenant

More concept art for Revenant's environment. It is coming out fairly nice, despite the facts that i am yet not sure about which technique should i use for my works. lineart is quick and easy but doesn't look as cool as blackshapes. Ahhh man, what a bummer!

Environment, plus details and explanation

Oh yea, the humans, i am trying a new style for them, basic shapes, exaggerated features, kind of comic but in a dark grim environment.

lunedì 13 ottobre 2014

trees and stuff

Three different environment pieces i did for the revenant project. While the landscapes looks a "little too sketchy", i like the look of the tree props i did: there is something special about them, a calming soothing sense of harmony, doing vegetables and rocks will definitely be a subject that i'd go deeper into. For the landscapes instead, i feel like the full line art one isn't my thing, while the sketchy one is much more enjoyable: the only problem subsists when i spent all my life doing lineart and well, yea...i got to reinvent myself again

giovedì 9 ottobre 2014

Revenant, the start

I started working as a character designer for the third year project "Revenant", a video game bible. The thought that my art could be used for a video game in the future really excite me and fuels me to draw AAAAAL NIGHT. So far i have done four creatures, but there are still many to come: the only limit is the hours i need to sleep! AH!
i am sure this is not healthy