martedì 23 settembre 2014

Harpie and Inkrows

Quick sketch of an idea i did two months ago. I love crows and gooey things, drawing the inkrows was so much fun. The harpy is a little bland, i would definitely change the dress style

Third years Backgrounds

I was finally able to get all the backgrounds i did for the third year animation crocodile's tears. I lost all of them when the bloody hard disk broke, but luckily the super diligent producer, Miss Emma Walsh had a copy of all of them.
Here they are.
So much work, so many tears.

Lich, undead sorcerer

Did this in 40 minutes, super in a hurry, starting from a black shape figure and making my way slowly with various shades of grey. To finish it all, I added the colors in overlay. I had the figure in my mind for a very long time - I probably drew it 3 times in my sketchbook, and i'll probably do it again, better (possibly and hopefully [lel]).

The Lich is an undead creature, alongside the Revenant and the Doppelganger, but unlike them, his frail body left space for an empty robe moved by psychic energy, scattered by the globe located deep in his cape. As a caster, it flows around shooting curses and darkness based magics, slowly eroding its victims. When in danger, it expels nauseating fumes and teleports far away from the combat. If approached carelessly, the attacker can be stunned or even hypnotized by the malicious words that he constantly whispers.

What did i just write, man that was fun.
oh never mind.

Autumn knight

I got a little scared of approaching photoshop again after such a long time, (don't know why, ah!) but i have to say it was quite relaxing and fun. I drew a lot on my sketchbook, mostly naked people life drawing, but i couldn't afford to bother my brother to pose 45 minutes everyday for me, so i used models online.
Anyway, back to topic, i drew a knight (wow original) which represented the incoming autumn. I started very roughly...and finished still roughly, ayyyYYYYY...despite of that i really liked the colors i picked. I'll definitely do more in the future.