mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

Whisper me a secret

After doing various backgrounds for a third year project i said to myself
"Time to do something for me!"
so here we go, a dragon and an old man smoking pipes. I did this to test the new cloud brushes i got recently, got to say i love them and makes the work a lot easier.

Whisper me a secret

Solaire of Astora, character design

Another drawing from dark souls

Here i took a male character always wearing an helmet and i turned it into a female. Later i added a filter to make it look more cartoonish.

Pray the sun!

domenica 9 febbraio 2014


Some character design i did between doing e4 estings for school. The theme i imposed myself for this was "different weird characters"

It was fun, it is pretty rough thou

lunedì 3 febbraio 2014

Count Umberto Rosso

Portrait of my friend Umberto Rosso, a very interesting character. He is at the same time a very good friend and a very dangerous man: he is becoming a doctors because he wants to help people and at the same time he wants to murder every single human being in his line of sight. 
We had good and bad times in high school, mostly bad ones, but he still remains one of my best friends.

Yet he is still an ass

Count Umberto Rosso, portrait