sabato 21 maggio 2016

Hyenas and Raspberries

Some extra drawings done before working

This Cintiq is absolutely amazing

The scary Black Pete

Characters based on micro organisms like water bears.


Mistfit or Mistpit, dunno lol

Cute Rasperuga

Red Eagle

Sneaky Snake Skull Scavenger

Fortune teller 

lunedì 25 aprile 2016

New website

Three more weeks and it is over, I can't wait, I swear I can't wait for it to be over so that I can finally work on Elsewhere full time!

I will update the blog with more content from the movie, but I won't be be able to put any finla piece for a while since I am planning on sending it to some festivals.

Oh! Check out my new website:

here's some picture I did in the free time

Old Salomone

Warrior's Rest

Witch of the Wild

mercoledì 23 marzo 2016

A walk in the dark

Now we are close to the end, just two months more or less and we meet the deadline. I can't lie, I am quite scared, despite we are way ahead in schedule, I feel like I am not ready to move forward...everything has been scheduled for 9 months, what will happen afterwards? All the people I met here will go away and university will be pretty much over. It is exciting in a way but on the other, it is terrifying.

All I can do is work hard, the hardest and as usual hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

I have been quite busy in the last weeks, doing loads of clean ups. We are pretty much done at this point, so I will move to shadows and coloring. I bloody hate cleaning up at this point!

here's an example. Animation by Luke O'Sullivan. 

have done some designs for Falling in Love, here are some

and for Alphabet Patch

for the game I am working on, I started the 3d model of the highwayman, Aaron Donlon fixed all the mistakes I did.

and in my freetime I have been doodling a lot

my brother


shady university

and last but not least, I have been doing fishes on my sketchbook all week, so it seems appropriate to do a big drawing like back in the days with all the animals i designed

domenica 6 marzo 2016

Design new website


I got so many things to worry about and now in addition I need to make a website for me. I do not have much experience in these kind of things, I hope I will manage in time: I am ahead of course work but I am super far behind in website, cv and I also need to make a twitter account!


I wish all i had to do was drawing and directing :'(
One day Jack, one day

i have been doing more clean ups and drawings in the meanwhile, I'll post here some of em

Animation by James White and Sophie Rippington, clean up by me

Some design for the game I am working on

and two random ones

domenica 21 febbraio 2016

Cleaning is an hell of an awful job

I apologise for haven't posted anything in ages.
I have been quite busy (as usual) doing clean ups for my animation, Falling in Love. As some of you know, clean up consists in taking the keys the animator assigned did and re trace them with a cleaner line. Lots of animators are working at the moment which is great, but the only draw back is that not everyone is super neat in their line art or character proportions, so it is often up to me to fix the final animation, which is painfully tedious.

Both animations have been done by Sophie Rippington
Clean ups by me

On a side note I started working towards my future: together with two friends of mine we are starting a business next year, and hopefull we will be making videogames. It is still far from reality, but we are getting closer with finding the initial fundings and help from experts. We pinned down the kind of game we want to do and I am currently working on the art, while Ben Goldman is taking care of most of the producing and Aaron Donlon is starting some 3d.

It is exciting and scary at the same time, thinking this might be the first step of my future.

I can't post all the things I have been done, but boy it is fun :3

martedì 12 gennaio 2016

Over the break

New years eve is over, I am done eating an insane amount of food, ready to go back working on my animation. I haven't being able to accomplish much home, mostly because I was too busy write that cursed dissertation. Took a long time but I managed to get it done today.

Well anyway, I still managed to get some backgrounds done for Falling in Love and I am dealing with some color issues: I want the character to blend in but to stand out at the same is an oxymoron but I know what I am doing, ahahah! Or at least I think i do. All my crew member are working on it as well, so hopefully someone will take us out this sticky situation.

My color test, Salomone blends a little too much

In the free time I have been doing some more drawing on Photoshop, I am trying to do different things and different poses. As usual I keep having issues with colors, Don't know if it is the saturation, the shading or the color themselves.


I managed to scan some of my latest drawing, since I am done with my old sketchbook, I'll practice by coloring them in my free time.

Here are some examples


giovedì 3 dicembre 2015

Scanning fun times

I am baffled if not outstanded (if that is even a word) for the amount of fun I had painting over the the scans I had since last summer. It so simple and yet so satisfying, Leonie kept telling me to render properly my sketches but I always thought it would be so time consuming and complicated.

It isn't

These are a bipolar bear and a berzerker, creatures I invented

This sand beduin is based off my dad

And this is a smoking owl

these are very old sketches, I am looking forward to scann more recent stuff and paint over it!
It got me so pumped up I even drew something completely irrelevant for the sake of painting


Course wise, I have been doing great! I have done lot more props for Alphabet Patch and I find quite challenging the fact that Leonie, my director, is very picky about what she wants, so I end up re doing the same thing lots time: I am sure this will come in handy when I will have to wrk professionally ahah

More leaves

Spoons (more)




Butterflies (super fun)


Let's not forget of the ten million apples I had to draw. The easier the task the more perfect it has to be, just like cooking an egg: it is easy but it takes practice to make it properly.

anyway, apples

Final apple design

Meanwhile the animation I am directing, Falling in Love, is doing great. I am so lucky to have such an amazing crew that I can barely believe how good we are doing!
Leonie is my producer and keeps track of every possible mistake we could face in the future, James and Leigh do superb animation, while Sophie colors it and Katie adds shadows.
I do clean ups and I am currently being helped by a second year, Annie. When I look at my clean ups I am often quite perplexed of the results, but when I see the product finished, Oh man it looks good.

Lately I finished the design of Maria and all the backgrounds for the second scene. We completed the test shot and it looks DOPE thanks to Rob use of vfx.

Some Backgrounds

Maria turn around (Sophie helped coloring)